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Gerard Way
9 April
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23 years young hailing from Belleville, New Jersey. Forever 16 at heart

Artist, singer/songwriter, avid smoker, caffeine addict and comic book enthusiast.

Majoring in visual arts, minoring in music/video production

Accomplished comic book writer of a series called Umbrella Academy, under Dark Horse comics. Working on #2!

Father of:
-A French bulldog named Susan (I make my own rules)
-A psychotic and murderous hamster that goes by the name of Cha Cha, who's almost killed me over fifty times.

Frank Iero is my best friend in the whole world and nothing is ever going to change that. I love that little fucker more than a lot of people.

Look at those fucking eyebrows.
Also the sign says it all, he really does.

And I can't forget about Julian! I don't know where I'd be without him by my side, honestly. Probably a lot less happier and half as optimistic.

You're gorgeous, Jules.